Welcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow Specialists

Welcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow Specialists

Welcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow SpecialistsWelcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow SpecialistsWelcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow Specialists

Every drop of Water that enters a Sewer  is a cost and a burden to

You and the Rate payers

Welcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow Specialists

Welcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow Specialists

Welcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow SpecialistsWelcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow SpecialistsWelcome to Rainstopper Australia-Sewer Inflow Specialists

Every drop of Water that enters a Sewer  is a cost and a burden to

You and the Rate payers

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Our Mission

Rainstopper Manhole Insert-RMIs- Inflow protection for sewer manhole

  • Reduce Sewer Inflow
  • Lower the cost for pumping  and treatment of sewegae
  • Reduce SSOs and the enviromental impact 
  • RMIs-Rainstopper manhole inserts

Our Clients who have installed RMIs-Rainstopper Manhole Inserts

Stop Inflow & Infiltration in Sewers- Rainstopper Manhole Insert -RMIs-installation

  • Sydney Water
  • QUU
  • Rockhamton CC
  • GCCC
  • Western Bay Of Plenty NZ
  • ....and many more sewer

RMI-Rainfall Manhole Investigation

RMI-measure Inflow thru Manhole Frames and Covers

Free On-Site service which we offer to all our clients.We

  1. Inspect your troublesome catchment
  2. Inspect manhole frames and covers
  3. Measure for Rainstopper installation
  4. Provide report and quote.

conditions apply 

2020 Indicative Prices RMI-Rainstopper Manhole Inserts

 Rainstoppers Manhole Inserts- RMIs-are made to order to fit sewer manholes

 1-25       RMI             $ 395 each

25-75     RMI             $ 325 each

75-125   RMI             $ 275 each

125-200 RMI             $ 225 each

over 200                     POA         

Take the Challenge

Cowra Rainstopper Manhole Insert  installation

We are so confident with our product that if you install RMIs- Rainstopper manhole inserts and if the catchment does not give at least 10% reduction in inflow 

We will Refund your Total Order Cost 

FAQs-About Rainstoppers

Old-Deteriorated-Ageing Manholes have very high Inflow into sewers

  • sewer manhole RMIs will fit any size ,shape,style ,make,of manhole
  • it takes 10 minutes to install a Rainstopper, no special tools required
  • RMI are made to order ,to size, for your manholes
  • No we don't stock RMIs there are over 600 different size,shape of manholes in Australia.
  • All our RMIs are made from 204 SS and come with a 25 year warranty
  • we offer installation,measure and delivery, FOC with orders of over 200 RMIs

RMIs -Rainstopper Manhole Inserts- 98% reduction to inflow

Check out this great video sewer manhole


The most trusted name in Inflow asset inspection & prevention in Australia.



What is inflow and infiltration?

Groundwater and stormwater that enters a sewer system is known as inflow and infiltration. Collection systems can be damaged when they are forced to transport more flow than they are designed to handle. Increased effluent also raises operating costs for wastewater treatment facilities, because benign stormwater and groundwater mixes with sewage. In many cases, 

inflow and infiltration (I&I) accounts for up to 45% of the annual flow to treatment plants.

  • Inflow is immediate, as soon as it starts to rain there will be some Inflow thru manhole frame and covers
  • Infiltration  is a delayed reaction of rain entering sewer thru defects in the asset,generally broken pipes,worn gaskets and manhole cracks

Exceeding the capacity of the collection system can result in discharge of untreated wastewater into the environment either from the collection system components or through a treatment that doesn’t have the capacity to treat the water. Infiltration can also cause pipe structure failures due to erosion of soil support, and ground subsidence due to erosion of underground soil. 


About Rainstopper Australia

Rainstopper provides  manhole inspection solutions to municipalities, contractors, departments of transportation, and civil/environmental engineers. Rainstopper is committed to ongoing innovation, delivering products that enhance user productivity and sewer efficiency. Rainstopper serves it's customers through a  network of trained engineers and  regional sales partners  

What we are Made of

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BOAR Bug On A Rope

What is Bug On A Rope



Introducing the NO NETTING Bug On A Rope! Unlike any other bacterial brick out there, this unique formula binds together bacteria and enzymes with a slow release oxygen-rich bio stimulant base. 

Traditional bricks are made with hardened soap, wax and oils. The same materials that build up in lift stations. This means the bricks have to degrade their base in addition to what is in the lift station. The bricks are held together with a mesh net, which catches a lot of paper and makes them a mess to retrieve. 

Advantages of Bug On A Rope: 

 Bug On A Rope provides a big boost to any lift station 

 Releases seven strains of bacteria, productive enzymes and oxygen-rich bio stimulants 

 Degrades fats, oils and grease in lift stations and sewer lines 

 Lowers BOD 

 Lowers Sulphide Generation 

 Works 3x better than its soap-on-a-rope counterpart 

 When it’s done, you simply pull out the plastic core

The Story behind Bug On A Rope: 

About four years ago a customer of ours, Dan, was using a netted brick he was getting from a janitorial supply company, and he said it worked so-so. We went to work studying grease deposits from lift stations and what types of bacteria were truly needed. We found all types of fat, oil and grease (animal fat, vegetable oils, etc.), and then asked ourselves how can we bind this bacteria with bio stimulants to really activate their growth. It took us three years of research and development to come up with the Bug On A Rope, which was named by another customer, Mitch. Both of these customers still use the product and swear by it. 


How to use: The faster it dissolves, the faster the results. The operator controls the dissolving rate. The closer the brick is to incoming flow, the faster it will dissolve. Weather also controls the dissolving rate, if it is warmer the brick will dissolve faster and vice versa. 

NOTE: This product comes with 3 ft. of rope, in order to allow you to customize the product to the depth of your lift station. Use a nylon rope for the remaining length, and attach it to the end of the rope provided. 

Fat-Grease-Oils Reducing with BOAR

Where to Place

Bug On A Rope-Fat-Grease-Oil- remover

Detail your services


Heavy Grease: When grease is the heaviest, place Bug On A Rope directly under the incoming flow. If one cannot place under flow, use two Bug On A Ropes. 

Moderate Grease: For grease maintenance; when lift station is at its lowest flow rate, place Bug On A Rope 1-2ft under water in middle of lift station. This will assure best dissolving rate during moderate incoming levels of grease. 

Dissolving Rates: 

Heavy Grease: If directly under the flow, a brick will last about two weeks in a 100,000 GPD lift station. In a 20,000 GPD lift station it will last 6-8 weeks. After, knock any remaining off the plastic core into the lift station. 

Moderate Grease: 70,000-180,000 Lt/day   2-3 months 

200,000-380,000 Lt/Day 6 weeks-2 months 

1 Meg/day  3 weeks 

Save on Multi Buy

Buy More Spend less

  1. 1 will cost $300 +gst
  2. 2-4 will cost $250 +gst
  3. 5+ will cost $225 +gst
  4. Order 5 or more and we will also give you 25% of you freight cost

What our Customers say


Hi William

We have removed the bug on a rope a few weeks ago now. But we can confirm it has reduced the heavy fat build up in the pump station.

I would prefer if we could reinstall fresh Bug on a rope and retrial for a few more months. Would you be able to supply few more samples that are enough for 3 more months?

Thank you,

Kindest Regards,

Binod Kadariya
Prin Eng - Civil
Service Delivery

Perth Region Alliance


Brigitte -QUU

Glen suggests anecdotally that odour and fat levels have reduced since the installation of the BOAR. 


FYI: Date of commencement of the trial was 6thFebruary 

Peter Smith
Manager Sewer Networks
Operations & Service Del

Adrian Fraser coast Council

We have been using BOAR now for over 2 years,what we find is that when we wash down the Pump station,the fats and grease are much easier to clean and remove.They used to be caked on, hard to remove now they wash off much easier much quicker and time saving.


“I started as director and the grease traps were never maintained in years and backing up several times I had tanks pumped and drain lines cleaned of chunks of grease. I started looking for additives that slowly dissolved and worked, I came across Bug On A Rope. I am on my second one in ten weeks and what exits my tanks 3500 gallons is just water and it used to be chunks and gel flowing out. I suspend the [Bug On A Rope] about 18 inches down below the top of the floating froth that used to be a solid crust. I still have to pump twice a year for code". – Steve H. Facility Director, FL

“We had a bad FOG issue. [We had to] pump out our grease interceptors and take it of site. We found Bug On A Rope products and we don't take anything off site. Not only did we save money, the products really work. We are able to take the flow from the interceptors to the plant without upset. also  the use  Bug On A Rope in all of our lift stations and have seen a tremendous benefit to our bug life in our SBR's. 

Allan uses our Bug On A Rope and likes it so much that he invited the neighboring wastewater plant to see the results. —Allan, Marion County, TX (far left)



  • BOAR will not desolve FOGs with heat &chemical, but eat it up with  MIcrobial bugs
  • no caustic danger,organic chemical free
  • no re-emulsification of the grease , all eaten up by good Bugs
  • will not create any problems at the treatment plant the bugs will actually help in the drying beds

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  • inflow rate for your manhole
  • measure and size your RMIs-Rainstopper Manhole Inserts
  • Install your new RMIs


conditons apply

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